Family activities

A highlight of some of the family and individual activities


Both Kathryn and Linda are studying piano at the moment. Linda has recently passed her Grade 3 exam and is working on the Grade 5 exam. Kathryn has come ahead in leaps and bounds this year with her playing and will look to prepare for her Grade 1 exam next year.
Kathryn, Christopher, and Timothy are all doing swimming lessons at the Sam Riley Swim School at Everton Park. Stephanie is a bit too young to start, but she does enjoy a dip in our pool at home.


Christopher and Kathryn both have tennis lessons after school. Hopefully they will be able to play on a court at home soon.


Christopher is now part of the "Northern Joey's" Soccer team. He has practice on a Thursday after school and has his competition games on a Saturday morning. His team is doing well, having won a couple of games. It is great to see him running around and playing with his friends.

Aus Kick

Christopher and Kathryn have both signed up for Aus Kick this term. This is where they will learn some of the basics of Aussie Rules football. It should give them both some skills with respect to hand-eye-foot coordination and is good exercise after schools on Friday. It reminds dad of his "Big M Little League" Days in Melbourne.


Kathryn has taken up the learning of the Violin. It builds on her abilities to read sheet music (thanks to Kinder Music and Piano) and gives her another instrument to learn. She will keep this up for the remainder of primary school.

Speech and Drama

Christopher continues to develop his speech by taking part in Speech and Drama classes. He seems to really enjoy it, and it has helped his confidence to speak in front of his classmates during their weekly "presentations".